GH Recap: Is Little Jake Behind the Drama at Liz's House?: Week of January 25th

GH Recap: Is Little Jake Behind the Drama at Liz's House?: Week of January 25th

What a week on GH! Let’s dive right into the action. After Jason describes a memory that was accompanied by the recall of feelings, Sam affirms that the memory is true.  Jason then asks Sam  to take him to the location of the memory:  the penthouse roof.  Once there, he asks Sam to describe the night in question, and as she does so, Jason remembers some of the words that they said to each other.  Jason is determined to recover more of his memories.    

Meanwhile, Alexis begins planning her wedding with Julian.  She surprises him by saying that she wants to be married in a church, as she wants their union to have a blessed beginning. Later, Kristina gets a phone call from her professor, who Kristina cryptically warns:  If the professor stays away from her family, she’ll stay away from the prof’s wife.

Nikolas is surprised when Hayden hesitates answering his proposal.  He reassures her that while he does want to marry her for the practical reasons, he has deeper feelings for her than just business.  Hayden finally swallows her doubts and accepts.

In other news, Sonny shows Epiphany that he can stand up.  She's delighted. He asks her to keep it a secret.  Carly is thrilled when Sonny shows her just how far he’s come in his recovery. She’s eager to share the news with the family but Sonny wishes to keep it quiet. Later, Max informs Sonny that he’s discovered the nature of Ava’s business: She’s trafficking heavy-duty guns through Port Charles to foreign areas of unrest. Sonny won’t stand for this, makes the decision that he can’t wait for Ava to hang herself. He’s got a plan to speed up her reckoning.

Later, Dante runs into Valerie and apologizes for what happened to her. Valerie is cool, even after hearing that he and Lulu are splitting up for real. She has had enough of him and Lulu, doesn't want anything to do with either of them.  Meanwhile, heartbroken Lulu says goodbye to Johnny who is going to prison to await trial for the crimes he's committed since last year - including kidnapping Lulu. 

While Carlos reassures a troubled Sabrina, Robert and Anna close in on them at the Halifax clinic. Paul learns from Carlos that Anna is in Halifax – and Sabrina goes into labor leaving Carlos to deliver the baby.

Across town, Jake reacts badly when Jason reaffirms that he won’t be returning to Liz’s house. The babysitter is late, so Jason sticks around to watch Jake when Liz must leave for work. Jason discovers Jake’s disturbing drawing and a light bulb goes off: Jake is responsible for the strange occurrences around the house.

Jake's Disturbing Drawing|Jason discovers Jake's disturbing drawing.|Jason suspects Jake might be responsible for all the strange occurrences lately.


Meanwhile, Sam goes over all with Kristina and decides to see Liz to make peace. She finds Jake with a cut hand and he says someone just threw a rock through the window and he cuts himself picking up glass and wants to call his dad. Sam goes to get first aid kit that Jake says in basement and realizes Jake did this himself. As she confronts him, Jake pulls away and Sam goes falling down the stairs.

Lulu comes up with a plan to save her marriage and enlists the help of Maxie and Olivia.  While Lulu and Maxie try to recreate a mood of love in Dante’s loft, Olivia is horrified Dante seems to be going ahead with plans for divorce and urges him to rethink.  Dante returns home and finds Lulu there – and she tells him she is here to save her marriage.


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