GH Recap:Griffin Munro is Duke Lavery's Son: Week of March 14th

GH Recap:Griffin Munro is Duke Lavery's Son: Week of March 14th

What an exciting week! Until you can watch the full episodes catch up now! 

The week started off with a blast from the past. All are gathered for the reading of Helena’s will.  Helena causes consternation for all - leaving Sam a penny, reminding Alexis of her mother’s death and Elizabeth of Jake’s disappearance, hinting that Nikolas might have been involved with her demise even as she leaves him only a portrait while she gives Lulu an oddly empty envelope (with a return address on it) and finally Laura a key, claiming it is a key to what Laura has loved and lost. Liz realizes the book she was left contains a riddle re: Jake while Alexis unexpectedly keeps the knife that was used to kill her mother.

In other news, Nathan finally reveals to Dante that Claudette was not just an ex-girlfriend, but also his wife.

Across town, Sonny visits Morgan at the Freedman Clinic.  Morgan is very depressed, doesn’t want to see Sonny… or anyone.  Sonny encourages him, telling him that he needs to go through this in order to get better.

Meanwhile, Ava worries over Kiki, who, despite briefly waking to say “Morgan”, hasn’t fully regained consciousness.  Ava accosts a nurse, demands to know where Dr. Munro is.  Griffin arrives and examines Kiki.  He tells Ava that Kiki needs positivity, and Ava, as Kiki’s mother, can provide that.  Ava, struck, calls Sonny, and asks him to have Morgan call Kiki.  He does and Kiki finally fully wakes. 

Griffin explains to Anna that he’s been following her because, after his mother died, he found a letter from her, informing him that Duke Lavery was his father.  The woman raised Griffin alone because Duke was in love with Anna, and so she never told Duke about his son.     

Maxie and Dillon anxiously await the arrival of the Real Women issue of Crimson. Maxie's nervous, revealing to Dillon that the last time she called the printer, he seemed to indicate that the green issue wasn't an accident.  Dillon tries to allay her worries. But when the magazine arrives, they discover that it hasn't been assembled.  It's been delivered around the country in pieces.  Julian is called in - just as Maxie surmises that this was no accident. But Nina comes up with a last-ditch plan to turn the disaster into a payday.

Jason's working on his new abode when Sam visits.  They're interrupted by the delivery of something Jason's purchased for his home.  When they unwrap it, Sam is amazed to discover that they're the same photos he used to have decorating the penthouse.  Later, Sam explains to Jason that she is falling for the man he is now, and in order to follow through on that, she must say goodbye to the marriage she had to the man he once was. Jason is happy to grant her request.

Meanwhile, Sonny arrives saying he knows all about what's going on with Kristina. Kristina thanks Molly for standing up to Sonny.  She finally admits that she is, indeed, sexually interested in Parker.  She doesn't understand how she could be attracted to both men and women, but Molly explains it all to her. 

Across town, the breastfeeding lawsuit is about to begin. Alexis is shocked when Lomax shows up with Diane as the city's attorney. Lomax demands that Olivia and Alexis drop the suit, or she will make life difficult for them.  Olivia mentions that she already took the city contracts away from the Metro Court, what more can she do?  Lomax reminds Alexis that Alexis is married to a known gangster.  She could easily find reason to lift her law license.  Olivia begins to record Lomax with her phone.  Lomax goes after her.  As they await the judge's arrival, Carly rushes in and adamantly begs Olivia to let the lawsuit go.


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