GH Recap: Alexis & Julian's Wedding Begins: Week of February 15th

GH Recap: Alexis & Julian's Wedding Begins: Week of February 15th

The week started off with drama when Liz catches Hayden trying to break into the Wyndemere safe, but Hayden covers with the reveal that she’s Nikolas’s wife, and as Nikolas enters, Hayden explains that she simply wanted to put her necklace away for safekeeping. Liz confronts Nikolas:  Is he out of his mind?  Why would he marry Hayden? Later, Nikolas calls Sam, telling her that he wants to hire her… to investigate Hayden. Nikolas hands over what he has on Hayden to Sam…including the name and number of the man (Baxter) who recognized her in Vegas. Sam contacts Baxter and begins her investigation.

Across town, Maxie and Nathan have locked Dante and Lulu in a room at the Metro Court, in the hopes that they may be able to hash out their problems and learn to deal with each other in a civilized manner.  Dante and Lulu are furious, demand to be let out, but their pleas fall on deaf ears.  Dante and Lulu try an exercise from a list in an article that Maxie has left in the room… and find it actually brings them closer together.  Dante tells Lulu that he’s ready to try the next step.

Nathan & Maxie's Plan Works|Dante & Lulu decide to work on their marriage.|Lulu & Dante are forced to discuss their relationship thanks to Nathan & Maxie. Don't Miss General Hospital WEEKDAYS on ABC.

Later, Jason and Liz learn the details of Jake’s complicated medical case from Monica who helps facilitate his move to the Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia. Jason and Liz must prepare to go out of town with their son and it could be a while.

In other news, Morgan is not taking his meds and in the throes of a manic episode when Darby shows up and they immediately connect on a sexual. Later, Kiki shows up and finds them together.

Morgan's Manic Fling|Kiki catches Morgan with Darby.|Morgan is off his medication and going through a manic episode when Darby stops by his work and they start to have sex. Kiki walks in and catches them in the act. Don't Miss General Hospital WEEKDAYS on ABC.

Later, Paul and Anna have words and he insists that he isn't a killer.  But Anna tells him that she knows he killed Kyle Sloane and passed his body off as Carlos's. Paul shocks her by admitting he killed Sloane – but as for why, she couldn’t be more wrong. Paul reveals an emotional connection (Sloane raped his daughter and he took his revenge) that Anna can related to (her own revenge on Carlos re: Duke), but she remains furious that he has played with her mind/emotions concerning Carlos, and Paul leaves with his fate in Anna’s hands. Anna prepares to call Jordan/police, but after seeing the picture of Paul’s daughter makes her reconsider – for now.

Paul's Shocking Confession|Paul makes a shocking confession to Anna about Sloane.|Anna confronts Paul and Paul shocks her by admitting he killed Sloane - but as for why, she couldn't be more wrong.

Meanwhile, Sonny's with Michael and Avery (on a court-appointed visit) when Dante comes to ask him if he knows anything about the arms deal going down tomorrow.  Sonny covers, insisting his only focus right now is getting Avery back.  Later, Sonny asks Morgan if he's off his meds.  Morgan insists he isn't.  Sonny confronts Morgan with news that the warehouse supervisor told him Morgan was banging someone at work.  He fires Morgan.

Meanwhile, Lulu is making a deal with Raj - who wants to rent out the boat for tomorrow night. Lulu returns to the Haunted Star to pick up a few things – and runs right into Raj the arms dealer. Too late, she realizes the danger and is captured, tied up, and gagged.

In other news, Olivia comes over the night before the wedding with a “premonition” of happiness and bonds with Julian and Alexis…only to actually have one…and she has seen blood on Julian’s hands. She covers and Alexis and Julian dismiss it and end up in bed while Olivia fears that something is going to happen to…Julian.

The Davis’ and Jeromes converge for the big day – Alexis and  Julian’s wedding. The Davis girls help their mother with preparations, and as a nervous, excited Alexis dresses, the bomb is inadvertently dropped that Molly has finally been deflowered.  Alexis takes this surprisingly well, but Kristina is still holding back from telling her mother her own secrets.

 Ava, determined to be at her brother’s wedding, has skirted Paul’s demands to be at the docks for the exchange with Raj – a connection which Dante pulls Anna aside to fill her in on, and she makes a final, stupefying realization – that Paul Hornsby is the key player behind it.  Cornered and out of options, Paul reveals he’s actually ATF, working a sting operation undercover – Lomax helped him arrange it in exchange for credit for the takedown. 

Hypomanic and enraged, Morgan reels from Kiki’s rejection and his own feelings of helplessness at not measuring up. Sonny offers advice and perspective as non-judgmentally as any parent could, and when Morgan declares he’s moving out, Sonny decides not to argue with him. After Morgan leaves, Sonny – who everyone, including Paul and Anna, thinks is in the dark about the arms deal going down on the docks tonight – makes arrangements to be at the exchange – not knowing Morgan will be there, too.


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