black-ish Recap: Amber Rose Guest Stars; Charlie Babysits the Kids

black-ish Recap: Amber Rose Guest Stars; Charlie Babysits the Kids

Welcome to this week's black-ish recap for Season 2, Episode 7 “Charlie In Charge” (air date: November 11, 2015), featuring guest star Amber Rose. Zoey is getting ready to go off to college, so Dre and Bow are getting ready for a college-scouting trip with her. Bow expresses her enthusiasm for Brown, her alma mater. Dre says Zoey can get a great education at public schools in California, and he's willing to bribe her with a car to push her to pick one of those:

Bow is pretty sure the bribe is an attempt to keep Zoey in-state because Dre is terrified of flying and has to drug himself up just to get on a plane.

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...which Dre does, pretty much immediately after that. Bow struggles but successfully gets him on the plane and buckled into his seat. When Bow asks Dre if he called Charlotte, the babysitter, to confirm her babysitting gig with the rest of the kids while they're off on their trip, Dre says he spoke to her. But that doesn't appear to be 100% true:

As soon as Bow is gone, Dre picks up the phone to call Charlotte and in his confused state, he mistakenly calls Charlie Telphy (played by Deon Cole) instead -- much to Diane's dismay. 

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Charlie makes the best of his babysitting gig, however. His long-lost love Dominique (guest star Amber Rose) is back in town, so with the help of the Junior, Jack, and Diane, Charlie has concocted a web of lies in an attempt to impress her. He pretends their house is his, and that even the Johnson kids are his, and it works -- but Charlie finds it exhausting. He and Junior decde that if he comes clean but tells her that he only lied because he cares so much, she'll be swept off her feet. Oddly enough, it doesn't play out that way:

Is Charlie's woman gone forever? It turns out, that no, she's not -- later, she turns up on his doorstep. Why? Because she's broke. Charlie doesn't even care.

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As for college, Bow gets so intense about Brown with Zoey that Zoey just wants to go home. Dre and Bow sdecide to let Zoey take the reins on this one, no matter what that means. Although hopefully for Dre, it won't mean air travel.

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