DWTS Season Finale Recap: Rumer Willis Wins the Mirrorball Trophy

DWTS Season Finale Recap: Rumer Willis Wins the Mirrorball Trophy

The Grand Finale of the 10th Anniversary Season of Dancing with the Stars brought a new shiny Mirrorball Trophy for deserving champs Rumer Willis and Valentin Chmerkovskiy! As has been the case in all prior season finales, all of the stars were back in the ballroom for the biggest dance party on the planet. DWTS Finalists Rumer Willis, Noah Galloway and Riker Lynch had to undertake one more 24-hour fusion challenge dance before they would find out who took home that coveted Mirrorball Trophy. So let’s get to the highlights of the night in the Glitter Report!

Noah’s Last Dance: Noah Galloway and his partner, Sharna, did a fusion of an Argentine Tango and Cha Cha for their final dance of the season. As had been the case throughout the competition, Noah’s routine was emotional and inspiring. He received four 9s from the judges, who took the time to show their appreciation for what he’s done. Carrie Ann said,  “You’ve changed people’s lives forever.”


Riker’s Last Dance: Riker Lynch and his partner, Allison, fused a Salsa and Quickstep for their final routine of the season. The dance was super sharp and tons of fun. Len said, “You’re the boy that brings joy.” He’s also the boy that brought home a perfect score from the judges. That gives him three perfectos in a row for the season finale event.


Rumer’s Last Dance: Rumer Willis and her partner, Val, fused a Foxtrot and Paso Doble. This team has been consistently on top of their game throughout the season. Len said, “You are as good as anyone who has ever been on Dancing with the Stars.” As you may have guessed, this team also scored all 10s from the judges. Just like Riker and Allison, Rumer and Val were perfect all through the Finals, which made them the perfect team to take home the Mirrorball. Take a look at their last dance and the ensuing celebration!



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