GH Recap: Jason Saves Sam's Life: Week of February 8th

GH Recap: Jason Saves Sam's Life: Week of February 8th

This week started off with a rescue! Jason finds Sam and carries her up the stairs to safety. Liz’s house blows up right behind them. Jason brings Sam to the hospital.

Jason Rescues Sam|Jason gets Sam to safely just before the house explodes.|Jason finds Sam and carries her up the stairs, pulls her out of the house, just as house blows up behind them.

Across town Nathan’s apartment loses heat so he comes to Maxie’s to spend the night. He has amorous ideas for their evening but they are quickly scuttled by the omnipresence of relationship-grieving Lulu. When alone, Nathan blurts that he wants to live with Maxie, who is thrilled. But he wants to do it immediately in their own, new place and Maxie cautions that she can’t abandon Lulu and Rocco yet. She wants Nathan to move in ASAP, but it will mean a temporary sharing of quarters.

Nathan Moves In With Maxie|Nathan & Maxie take the next step in their relationship.|Nathan's apartment loses heat so he comes to Maxie's to spend the night. Nathan blurts that he wants to live with Maxie, who is thrilled. Nathan wants to do it immediately but Maxie can't abandon Lulu and Rocco yet.


Later, Sonny, Carly and Max head to the hospital, where Sonny has an appointment with his new doctor… Later, Sonny meets with his new Dr Griffin Munro.  Sonny claims limited progress, but Dr. Monro calls his bluff.

Meet Dr. Griffin Munro|Sonny has an appointment with his new doctor, Griffin Munro.|Sonny, Carly and Max head to the hospital, where Sonny has an appointment with his new doctor, Griffin Munro. Sonny claims limited progress, but Griffin asks why he is lying. Don't Miss General Hospital WEEKDAYS on ABC.


Griffin questions Sonny about why he's hiding his progress.  Sonny insists that it's for business reasons, to appear weak when he's really strong. Griffin probes more, but Sonny dismisses him. 

In other news, Hayden and Nikolas return home from Vegas.  Laura puts on a good face and congratulates the newlyweds, but after Hayden leaves, Laura warns Nikolas that he doesn’t know much about Hayden.  Nikolas agrees, but explains that he feels a connection to her.  Laura thinks Nikolas would be wise to check into Hayden’s background, and Nikolas, remembering their encounter with the man who called Hayden “Rachel,” assures Laura that he’s on top of it. Nikolas, after researching Baxter Corbin - and finding out only that he's in investment - visits Liz and Jake; he offers them a home at Wyndemere.  Later, at home with Hayden, he admits that he doesn't know Hayden very well.  He is surprised to learn that her parents are dead.

Later, Tracy meets with Michael to discuss ELQ. Alexis, as their legal counsel, joins the meeting, saying that the lawsuit will be more difficult than they’ve anticipated.  Michael is concerned that Alexis simply isn’t giving her all because of her Cassadine ties, but Tracy quiets him.  After Alexis goes, Tracy informs Michael that she’s got an ace in the hole, but that it’s strictly need-to-know, and Michael doesn’t.  Seeing arriving Hayden, she sends Michael on his way.  Hayden informs Tracy that she married Nikolas… but also signed a prenup.  Tracy is outraged, but Hayden reassures her that she has something big on Nikolas.  Tracy tells Hayden to make sure she succeeds in securing ELQ from Nikolas, as Tracy can reveal the truth about Hayden if she doesn’t.  As she speaks, however, Tracy suddenly trails off.  When Hayden asks if she’s all right, Tracy asks Hayden what she (Tracy) is doing there.

Back at GH, Jason helps Sam bust out of the hospital. Together they pick up Danny and return to Sam’s penthouse. Sam and Jason enjoy some time with their son before putting him to bed. They get caught up in a romantic moment and fall into a kiss. 

It’s Valentine’s Day in Port Charles! Maxie and Nathan endeavor to kill two birds with one stone: They’ll ensure they have the apartment to themselves tonight by arranging to put Dante and Lulu in close quarters, in the hope they’ll work things out. Dante and Lulu are tricked into entering a room at the Metro Court Hotel. The door is locked behind them.

Meanwhile, Kristina denies when Molly asserts that her romantic liaison was with a woman, and turns the tables by refocusing the conversation on Molly’s virginity. Molly takes off to meet with TJ. Kristina plays the pronoun game with Brad and Lucas, asking their advice about coming-out matters “for a friend.” Brad and Lucas offer different approaches to the situation. Meanwhile, Molly tells TJ she wants to have sex.

Later, Jordan is unable to enjoy her date with Andre because Curtis is on hand – with Valerie. Dante is there, too, and he wistfully congratulates Val on moving on. Jordan confides in Andre a little about her past with Curtis. He’s her former brother-in-law, and it was he who informed her husband that she was sleeping with Shawn, thus ending her marriage. Jordan gets Valerie alone and warns her not to take up with Curtis because (among other things) he’s a total cokehead.

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Sam is in Danger|A heater malfunction puts Sam's life in danger.|A freezing Sam finds an old heater and plugs it in. Just as she drifts off to sleep, the heater starts to malfunction.


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