Grey's Anatomy Recap: Derek Shepherd Dies

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Derek Shepherd Dies

Welcome to Grey Chatter recap for the "How to Save a Life" episode of Grey's Anatomy, which originally aired April 23, 2015. Dr. Derek Shepherd knows a secret shortcut to the airport. Cell reception on this particular back road is virtually non-existent. A reckless driver zooms by. Tragedy strikes as the speeding car clips and flips a minivan clip causing a violent crash. Derek springs into action. It’s a beautiful day to save lives.

The Right Kiss: Derek rushes over to Sarah, the driver of the minivan, who says her daughter, Winnie, is in the back. The little girl is okay. Another injured party, Alana, regrets taking the ride that led to her first kiss. Derek assures her that your first kiss isn’t as important as the “right” kiss. He knows something about this. It happened back when he met this girl in a bar.

A Hero Falls: Derek softly declares, “It’s a beautiful day to save lives.” Sirens are heard in the distance. Help has arrived. Derek heads back to his car. He’s in the middle of making a U-turn when his cell phone rings. He reaches underneath the seat to retrieve it. Derek is about to answer the call when the unthinkable happens.

Physician Can’t Heal Himself: As he has done so many times in the past, Dr. Derek Shepherd enters a hospital—only this time he does so as a patient fighting for his life. He's awake, but can't speak. Derek believes he’s going to die because the people working on him aren’t properly trained. The doctors do their best, but the only person in the room who truly knows what to do is the patient on the table.

The Papers: Meredith is told that there’s been an accident. She looks over her husband’s medical records. The doctors should have ordered a head CT. Meredith tells them this. She also lets them know that they did their best. A doctor approaches Meredith with some papers. She knows what they are. She knows what comes next.

The One: The doctor who wasn’t strong enough to stand up to her colleagues apologizes for her failure to save Derek. Meredith agrees that she wasn’t good enough today, but that can’t stop her from being good enough tomorrow. Derek is her “one.” He will haunt her for the rest of her life to make her work harder—to get better.

The Love Story: Meredith steps into her husband’s hospital room. The nurse begins the procedure of taking Derek off all the machines keeping him alive. Meredith speaks to Derek, cupping his face with her hand. Flashbacks show a brief history of one of the most incredible love stories ever told as it nears its end.


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