Mistresses Recap: Season 3 Episode 9 "Unreliable Witness"

Mistresses Recap: Season 3 Episode 9 "Unreliable Witness"

Welcome to Mistress Moments for the “Unreliable Witness” episode of Mistresses, which originally aired August 6, 2015. Here you’ll find a recap, highlights and, yes, spoilers, so check out all the hottest happenings below.

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After meeting with a total tool of a lawyer, Karen vows to help Joss find a competent attorney. They do finally snag a good one, David Hudson. Harry wants to help with all that’s happening, but Joss is totally ticked at him for sleeping with Niko.

At the police station, Joss is asked about Carlos the gardener and if she ever spent any time in Calista’s basement. These questions have David’s radar pinging. He finds out that Joss’s prints were found on the basement doorknob. Joss explains that it occurred when she opened the door for the video tech guy, but the damage of inaccuracies in her story is already done.

Calista is sticking to her story with both the police and her attorney regarding Luca’s murder. She’s keeping the fact that she and Joss conspired to catch her philandering dead hubby in the act of cheating a secret. Calista sends Joss flowers claiming they will get through this. They are not well received. Joss breaks down over all that’s happening. She’s also still harboring hurt feelings about how Savi abandoned her.

Karen confronts Calista about how she’s hurt Joss. She orders her to stay away from her friend. She later has a chat with Father John about the physical toll Joss’s situation is having on her. The priest suggests she see a doctor. A pregnancy test is set up.

Joss tracks down the mother of Calista’s first husband back when she was known as Carla. This woman believes her son was murdered by her ex-daughter-in-law. Joss brings this info to David, who believes they may be able to use this.

Calista is shocked when she gets wind of all this. She confronts Joss. It doesn’t go well. Calista heads down to the police station bad mouth Joss. She claims her ex-friend was obsessed with her. She also claims that Joss once said she’d kill Luca for her. A short time later, Joss is arrested for murder as Calista goes on to play the role of a grieving widow to the press.

Marc is feeling low after falling off the wagon. He almost makes a call to someone named Jeremy. He’s doing his best to hide his relapse from both April and Harry. A bottle of vodka in the freezer is too tough to resist. Later, Harry sends Marc home from the restaurant when he realizes he’s drunk. He finds out that he’s an alcoholic. Harry offers to help. Moments later, Marc makes a call to his sponsor—Jeremy.

April spends the night with Blair. She’s caught off guard by a photo of his late wife in his bedroom. Blair explains that April is the first woman he’s had stay over. He totally spaced on removing the picture. He does so later. He wants their relationship to move forward. Later, April discovers that Lucy doesn’t care for Blair, who is becoming more and more entrenched in their lives.



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