GH Recap: Nathan Proposes to Maxie: Week of April 11th

What an exciting week! Until you can watch the full episodes catch up now! 

What a week! While Paul awakens and struggles to get free, Anna and Sonny fly to Ecuador – and as they work together to pinpoint Carlos, Anna ends up revealing that she once tried to kill Carlos…and why she wants to make sure Sonny does not take justice into his own hands.  But when Anna & Sonny arrive, Paul’s machinations keep Anna from being able to leave the plane while Sonny goes in search of Carlos.  While Anna realizes Paul deliberately chose not to stop Sonny, Sonny asks a priest in a chapel about Carlos…and when the priest turns we see it is Carlos with a gun!

Meanwhile, Hayden tries to force Nikolas’ hand.  Jason and Sam reaffirm their love…and come up with an idea of how to beat Nikolas without violence. Tracy is in for a rude awakening regarding Hayden and ELQ.

It becomes clear that Carlos is going to kill Sonny but when the priest comes too, Sonny reverses the situation – and we wonder if he will kill Carlos.  Anna escapes and tracks down Sonny/Carlos.

Just as Sonny prepares to execute Carlos, Anna bursts on to the scene and talks him down as they are determined to bring Carlos back to PC to face justice. Jordan reels from Paul’s reveal that Anna shot Carlos in cold blood.

Back at GH, Ava is happy that Griffin has cleared Kiki for release.  Kiki lovingly tells her mother that, despite their previous differences, she wants to go home with Ava.

Later, Alexis, having dinner with  Julian at the Metro Court, overhears him on the phone with Smith.  Julian covers with some truth, telling her that he was the one behind the Crimson sabotage.  Paul arrives and, hoping to spur Julian to kill Carlos, he waits for Alexis to leave the table, then reveals that to Julian that Carlos is on his way back to the states, and will probably have plenty to say about Julian when he returns.

Jason goes to the hospital and sees Michael, Tracy and Monica and delivers the news (with Sam on his arm) that he has bought back ELQ from Nikolas and it is now back in the hands of the Quartermaine family. Monica is just thrilled – as is Tracy, though she covers that with Jason (given their history) and Michael is very grateful but still focused on finding Sabrina. Jason tells Michael it is his to run and Michael hopes he’ll consider getting back into the business, with a little time.

Later, a clerk approaches Carly and says they can’t seem to rouse Dr. Finn who asked for a wake-up call. Concerned off of what she saw earlier in Finn’s demeanor, she lets herself into his room and finds him there, passed out, a syringe next to him. She’s shocked. Carly thinks Finn has overdosed but Finn explains that he is a diabetic.

Laura meets up with Kevin, to the surprise of both of them. She tells him about the inheritance letter and he says he has some possibilities for decoding – but they will have to meet again – Laura agrees.

Across town, Anna emotionally confesses all to Jordan. Paul tries to get Carlos to roll over on Julian but instead Carlos lawyers up. Julian gets the call from Carlos.

Meanwhile,  Maxie ends up pressing Nathan further about Claudette.  Nathan blows up and Maxie promises to truly let it go.  But while Nathan is in the shower, Maxie’s does an Internet search for Claudette West. Nathan proposes to Maxie while Griffin has a huge reaction to seeing Nathan, something from his past perhaps?



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