GH Recap: Anna is Arrested: Week of April 18th

GH Recap: Anna is Arrested: Week of April 18th

What an exciting week! Until you can watch the full episodes catch up now! 

The week started off on a high note! Nathan proposes to Maxie! When he tells her that it is a yes or no question, Maxie says yes!

Watch the proposal now:

Finally, the truth about Anna and Paul’s crimes comes out. Paul and Anna are locked into jail cells.  Paul tries to reassure Anna there’s no way Carlos will refuse the deal (which would only implicate Julian, and not Anna and Paul), but Anna wants none of Paul’s help.  She doesn’t understand why he would offer it… leading Paul, by way of explanation, to reveal that he’s in love with her.  Anna is horrified, and forcefully tells Paul that she does not reciprocate his feelings. Later, Anna gets a new neighbor: Carlos Rivera.

Watch Jordan Arrest Anna:

In other news, Kristina tells Sam about her confusion over her sexual identity.

Across town, Nina wants to move on with Franco but things go awry when he must turn her down on a grand gesture. He tells Nina that Kiki needs him and Nina doesn’t understand why Franco can never put Nina first.  Nina wants to take a vacation with him and Franco says he simply can’t right now due to Kiki.  Nina and Franco fight as Nina storms out once again.  Later, Franco really screws up and gets Nina a puppy instead of a baby and she is furious with him and fairly stunned by how tone deaf he is about her desire to have a baby with him.

Later, Sonny and Max hustle  Julian into the coffee warehouse, as Sonny makes clear that Julian is not to touch Carlos before he stands trial for killing Duke and shooting Sonny. Sonny levels Julian with a threat:  If Carlos dies, so does Julian. 

Meanwhile, Alexis appeals to Carlos to allow her to be his lawyer and to reject the deal he’s been offered (to roll on Julian).  Carlos is wary, explaining that he now has a child to think about, but after Alexis convinces him that she can get him acquitted, he finally agrees. 

Across town, Jason surprises Sam by returning from the Cayman Islands sooner than expected.  He couldn't stand being away. Later, they go up to the bedroom and make love. Jason recalls that he had flashes of memories of being in bed with Sam here.  After they fall asleep, Sam dreams someone shoots Jason right in this bed.  She wakes up, finds Helena perched atop of the bed.  Helena repeats her curse to Sam: That she and the people she love will never be happy.

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While Dante prepares a surprise for Lulu, Michael asks him if Carlos has been any more forthcoming about Sabrina's whereabouts. He's disappointed and worried when Dante says Carlos hasn't added anything to what he told them already. Later, Dante surprises her by having replaced their bed.  For the first time in a very long time, they make love.

Meanwhile, Olivia has run into Ned.  He’s surprised to hear that Olivia is co-parenting Leo with Julian, but he hopes everything works out.  They share a wistful parting. 

Will Olivia & Ned start over? 

At the PCPD, Anna, expecting to be let out on bail, is surprised to be visited by Paul.  He reveals that he’s arranged to have her psychologically evaluated to determine if she’s a flight risk.  Andre heads down the jail cells, where he’s surprised to learn that the prisoner he’s been called to evaluate is Anna.  Paul takes his leave, as Andre explains that now that he knows Anna’s the prisoner, he’ll have to recuse himself… but for the moment, he just wants to talk to her.  Andre lets Paul know that he can’t rule on Anna’s “competency” because of a prior relationship with the defendant so he’ll have to get someone else.

In other news, Carly drops by Sonny’s office to wish him a happy birthday along with a bday muffin. After Carly leaves, Sonny checks in with his mole in the police station. Having learned that Alexis is representing Carlos, Sonny shows up at the station.  He overhears her on the phone, comments that he sees she’s hard at work freeing the man who tried to kill him.  Alexis follows him to the office, states that she’s defending Carlos because she believes that everyone has a right to a defense, but Sonny is dubious.  He tells Alexis that he believes she’s lying to herself, and he can’t help but worry that thanks Alexis’s association with Julian, she could end up disbarred… or dead.

 At GH, Finn is in the midst of a spirited game of backgammon with Tracy, when Monica arrives to let her know that she’ll be released soon.  Tracy assumes that she will do her follow-up with Finn, but he reveals that he’ll be headed back to Minneapolis, despite the fact that he’s between jobs. Finn admits he does like working at General Hospital, but when he and Monica exit to see about making his position permanent, they run into Obrecht, who firmly reiterates that as long as she’s Chief of Staff, Finn won’t be working here. 

Meanwhile, Andre goes to Jordan upstairs and upon learning that the person he was called in to evaluate was Anna, Jordan goes off on him about his interest in Anna. They move to the interrogation room and really say what they’ve been thinking, each asking the other if they are actually in a relationship or what? Once they dispense of the elephant in the room (Anna) their argument leads to a passionate kiss.

In happier news, Mac and Felicia have thrown an impromptu engagement lunch for Nathan and Maxie – a surprise to Maxie but Nathan is in on it and in front of their friends and family, he re-proposes to her with a proper ring.

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Meanwhile, Michael and Felix are in San Juan, PR on a hunt for Sabrina. They have tracked down Sabrina’s father, Emilio, with whom she was estranged. He has regrets about his lack of relationship with his daughter and assures them that she has not been in contact with him. Emilio says if Sabrina went to anyone for help, it was to their old family friend, Inocencia.  Inocencia is kind and sweet and has no idea where Sabrina is, hasn’t heard from her in a while. They turn to go but then Michael spots a baby toy in a corner.

Sneak Peek: Where is Sabrina Santiago?



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