GH Recap: Familiar Faces Return to Port Charles: Week of March 28th

GH Recap: Familiar Faces Return to Port Charles: Week of March 28th

What an exciting week! Until you can watch the full episodes catch up now! 

Nikolas has it out with Hayden over her deception. Hayden is unable to convince Nikolas that she is true blue. Nikolas walks out on Hayden. Liz returns from the attic and learns that Nikolas has taken off. Liz excoriates Hayden over her duplicity. The encounter gets out of control and Liz slaps Hayden.

Jason and Sam plan their first date. Sam is called away by Nikolas, and Jason takes Danny to visit Monica. Meanwhile at the hospital, Obrecht is overruled when she continues to object to Finn’s treatment of Tracy. Finn tells Tracy she might continue to experience episodes of confusion for a little while longer. Sure enough, Tracy mistakes Jason and Dillon for other family members. In her haze, Tracy makes a stirring speech about ELQ’s meaning for the family and her plans to bring it back under Quartermaine control, thanks in part to her secret weapon… Rachel. Later, Sam arrives to clue Dillon and Jason in that Rachel has an alias… Hayden Barnes.

Finn informs Obrecht that the hospital may be on the hook should Tracy elect to sue for malpractice. Later, Finn returns to his room… and shoots up with an unidentified drug.

Across town, Anna shows up at Sonny and accuses him of putting out the word that Carlos is alive.  Sonny didn't do that; he gave Anna his word and he won't.  Anna guesses that DA Paul Hornsby released the news in the hopes that Sonny, or someone else, would find and kill Carlos.  Sonny reveals that he does have people looking for him, but he'd rather have Carlos alive to roll over on Julian.  They agree to plant a bug in Paul's office. 

Meanwhile, Ned surprises Tracy. She tasks her sons with carrying on with getting ELQ back.  She shows a rare moment of vulnerability, asking them to stay with her; she doesn't want to die alone.

Later, Hayden and Liz have it out. Hayden threatens to call the cops on Liz for assault, but Liz calls her bluff, pointing out that Hayden had better run and hide from the authorities since she's the one who could be in legal trouble that could her in prison for years. Liz goes to Nikolas and realizes he is considering not breaking up with Hayden.  He admits he loves her. 

Across town, Kristina reveals her sexuality (as she understands it now) to Alexis. While Alexis is loving, she is not exactly 100% accepting of this situation. Kristina mistakes Alexis’ confusion for disappointment.

At the clinic, Kiki makes sure that Morgan knows he has value and worth and that his recovery is extremely important. She really starts to get through to him and makes headway in alleviating his guilt about her shooting. He is determined to get well and get back to his life (and Kiki). At the hospital, Ava settles her daughter back in to her room and then crosses with Julian. Earlier, Julian has gone to Sonny and warned him off of his sister (knowing Sonny must be the bearer of the black rose). Julian would go but Sonny stops him, taunting him about finding out that his henchman, Carlos, is still alive and may be coming back to town, will easily roll on Julian and then he’ll be in jail for killing Duke.

Emma is in town on spring break for a visit with Anna and Griffin arrives with the news that he has the DNA results, he is in fact Duke’s son and then Anna introduces Emma to him. They connect and reminisce about Duke and Emma learns more about this nice man who clearly has become important to her grandmother.

Sam arrives at Jason’s, where she finds him in the midst of putting together a bed for Danny.  They work in tandem to assemble it, as Sam reveals all the info she’s learned about Hayden/Rachel.  Knowing that Rachel had a lot of enemies thanks to her father’s crimes, they suddenly wonder if Hayden’s shooting was simply an accident after all… and Jason notes that there’s one way to find out.  They need to talk to Shawn. 

Hayden, missing Nikolas, goes to see him at the Metro Court.  She appeals to him emotionally, saying that their love was real, but Nikolas can only focus on her betrayal, asking what her plan was. Hayden, realizing she’s about to lose everything, plays her trump card:  They’re not getting a divorce, because of what she knows about him.

Alexis finds Julian in the park, on the phone with one of his mafia contacts.  He covers, which Alexis is too distracted to pick up on.  She reveals that Kristina told her she thinks that she’s gay.  Alexis is forced to admit that she’s having a hard time dealing with it, as she’s unsure if this professor has somehow influenced Kristina.  Meanwhile, Lucas reveals that he and Brad have set a date.  Alexis heartily congratulates Lucas… infuriating Kristina, as it appears to her that her mother has no problem with anyone being gay except her.  Kristina storms out as Alexis makes a call to Wesleyan, asking for Parker’s extension.  

Meanwhile, Nina has invited Joe Zee to be a guest columnist for the next issue of Crimson. Joe Zee and Maxie become fast friends… as he advises Maxie to let her suspicions about Nathan go. 

Nathan arrives, asks Maxie to take a walk with him.  Meanwhile, Nathan takes Maxie to the park, where he reveals that Claudette wasn’t only his girlfriend, she was his wife… and things ended badly between them.



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