GH Recap: Dr.Hamilton Finn Arrives in Port Charles: Week of March 21st

GH Recap: Dr.Hamilton Finn Arrives in Port Charles: Week of March 21st

What an exciting week! Until you can watch the full episodes catch up now! 

This week started off on a shirtless note and not from the men! Forces gather at court as Carly fails to persuade Olivia to drop her lawsuit against Lomax. The judge is on the verge of ruling in Lomax’s favor. That’s when Carly leads a mass shirtless protest that gets results. The judge orders Lomax to enforce the law.

At GH, Tracy anxiously awaits the results of her biopsy. When Mayes gets a look at the labs, he is forced to confirm to Tracy that Griffin’s assertion is correct: whatever she has, it isn’t cancer. Griffin has a sense of what’s afflicting Tracy, but he isn’t expert enough to handle it himself. He advises Monica to seek the advice of a doctor who specializes in infectious disease. Monica places a call to just such a person… a man who has a very familiar face, Dr. Hamilton Finn!

Finn checks into the Metro Court, telling the bellboy that he’ll be staying here indefinitely… and remarking to his iguana that he thinks they’ll be very happy here.

At Wyndemere, Hayden and Nikolas continue to study the painting.  Hayden notices that what appears to be a smudge in the image of the tea set is actually the reflection of a man.  Meanwhile, Sam arrives at Wyndemere, asks Hayden about her connection to Naomi Dreyfus.  Hayden grows furious, claims she doesn’t know what Sam is talking about, and throws her out. 

Later, Liz opens Hayden’s laptop and checks out what she’s been doing on line. She sees in Hayden’s search history “NAOMI DREYFUS”. When Liz clicks on the name, it produces a finer search showing: “NAOMI DREYFUS BERLIN.”

Sonny comes to Kristina about his reaction to what has been going on with the professor at Wesleyan, but it quickly becomes clear that Sonny is pursuing it which means that Kristina is going to be in danger of having Parker’s true identity found out by her father, the last thing she wants. Kristina thinks she’s dodged a bullet and then the doorbell rings – and at end of day, Parker is there and Kristina impulsively kisses her!

Parker stops Kristina's kiss.  Parker insists they can't be lovers and Kristina needs to figure this out without her. They have a bittersweet parting.

Meanwhile Laura explains to Lulu and Liz that she is simply too intertwined with Helena to let the mystery of what the key means goes.  Laura and Lulu investigate in the attic and finally fit the key into the lock of a steamer trunk. Inside they find an old law book.  Laura recognizes as one of Scotty's from when he was still in school and they were married.  Laura doesn't understand why Helena led her to this.  They discover that a corsage pressed in the book's pages.  Laura realizes Scott gave it to her for a law school formal.  They're further mystified. Lulu suggests letting it go now.  She tosses the book aside - and they see that certain letters are circled on many pages.  Laura thinks it's some sort of code.  She insists she has to figure out what it says.

Meanwhile, while Nikolas privately tells Diane he is going to reconsider the will, Liz confronts Hayden, telling her she knows who she is…Rachel Berlin!  Hayden's horrified that Liz knows who she really is.  She begs her not to tell Nikolas, but when Nikolas returns, Liz can't lie anymore.  The news staggers Nikolas.  Her father was a notorious investment counselor who cheated clients out of millions (ala Bernie Madoff). Hayden pleads with him to understand, assuring him that one thing is true: She loves him with all her heart. 

Nathan has a dream and is tormented by his lies to Maxie. Meanwhile, Maxie makes an offer to Griffin – but he refuses, admits he is putting a distance with Maxie because she has a boyfriend – he does not like having thing held up to him that he can’t have.  Later, Nathan runs into Maxie at the hospital and learns about this handsome other man – he is not so much jealous as simply uneasy at the thought of losing Maxie in general. 

Later, Anna, having almost confessed to what she did to Carlos, berates herself for taking Griffin's story at face value. Griffin is very compassionate and contrite for having made her uncomfortable.  He understands her doubts. He suggests a DNA test. Anna finds Duke's razor - a gift she gave him.  She thinks they will be able to procure DNA from that.  He proffers his coffee cup, wants to know if she'd like to handle the test.  Anna realizes she's being paranoid and allows him to do so.  

Meanwhile, Carlos calls Paul, demanding money.  Paul reminds him of their deal: Carlos is to come back to PC where Paul will make certain Carlos receives minimum prison time as long as he doesn't turn over on Paul or Anna.  Carlos says he isn't interested.  Too many people in PC want him dead.  He has Sabrina and his child to consider. Later, Paul lies and tells Anna that he hasn’t heard from Carlos.  Anna is dubious and says she's going to look for Carlos on her own - even if it means she has to go to prison for attempting to kill him. Paul calls a reporter with news that Rivera is alive. 


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