GH Recap: What is Nathan Hiding From Maxie?: Week of March 7th

GH Recap: What is Nathan Hiding From Maxie?: Week of March 7th

What an exciting week! Until you can watch the full episodes catch up now! 

It was another intense week on GH! Sonny and Carly, reeling from the impossibly painful circumstances of Morgan’s situation, stop for the first time in a long time and look at where their relationship is going. Carly is struggling with danger and difficulty of the world they travel in, due to Sonny’s business. They reach a resolution – without a resolution. 

Across town, having just received the final divorce decree, dejected Dante is heartened when Lulu shows up at his door. Lulu kisses Dante and confesses that she’s heard everything he said to her when he was saving her life – and that she feels the same way.

Meanwhile, Sam has finagled a meeting with Baxter Corbin, feigning a desire to work with him on investing her new “fortune”, but eventually, Sam drops the pretense and shows him a picture of Hayden and asks why he called her “Rachel”. Baxter covers, denies and says it was a case of mistaken identity. He gets away from her but Sam stays close by, sees him making a covert phone call and then finds a way to get his cell phone and take a picture of his last number dialed.

Later, Hayden figures it out asks why Nikolas is having her investigated. He says it was a mistake and he’s stopped it. Meanwhile, Liz suggests to Sam that ignore his request and keep at it – she thinks Hayden is no good.

At GH, Tracy is told by Dr. Mayes that she has a mass on her brain and she worries that it is cancer. Monica is worried for her and Tracy feigns no interest in said attention. Griffin continues to investigate Tracy’s illness despite Mayes’ continuing dismissal of Griffin’s 2nd opinion.

Later, Paul lies to Anna, concealing that he’s heard from Carlos. Carlos calls him again and refuses Paul’s offer of immunity. Meanwhile, Anna gets a blurry security photograph from Robert, in which it appears, Carlos and Sabrina are slipping into Mexico.

Meanwhile, Griffin admits to Anna that he is the one who has been following her. She knows who he is (from the hospital) and can’t figure it out. Griffin insists he is not, will explain but it’s hard for him to admit the truth and before he can get to it, he is called off to GH on Tracy’s case by Dillon. He explains he’s on call, will have to talk to her more later. She decides to do a Google search on Griffin and types his name into a search engine.

Across town Jason is now alone in the family crypt and he has a memory of telling Lila he was changing his last name to “Morgan”. Monica, having received a call about trespassers on the property arrives and finds her son who explains he came here to think about where he belongs. He hasn’t found any answers yet, but he does know he doesn’t belong in here.

All are gathered for the reading of Helena’s will.  Helena as a hologram causes consternation for all - leaving Sam a penny, reminding Alexis of her mother’s death and Elizabeth of Jake’s disappearance, hinting that Nikolas might have been involved with her demise even as she leaves him only a portrait while she gives Lulu an oddly empty envelope (with a return address on it) and finally Laura a key, claiming it is a key to what Laura has loved and lost.

Later, Maxie and Griffin meet in an unexpected and sexy manner.  While Nathan confides in Dante that he didn’t tell Maxie the truth, Maxie and Griffin seem to bond…until he realizes she is involved with another man and then he quickly pulls away.  Dante happily reveals he and Lulu are back together and a miserable Nathan is hit – and finally reveals that Claudette was not just an ex-girlfriend, but also his wife!


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