black-ish Recap: Dre and Bow Try "One-Gift Christmas"

black-ish Recap: Dre and Bow Try "One-Gift Christmas"

Welcome to this week's black-ish recap for Season 2, Episode 10 “Stuff” (air date: December 9, 2015). Dre thinks Christmas has become commercialized and is all about “stuff,” and no one loves “stuff” more than his kids.

Pops thinks the kids have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas, but Dre just wants to give them more than he ever had at Christmas, which was a jar of pickles. Everybody chimes in that Dre really likes pickles, but that's beside the point for Dre -- he believes that Stuff is just part of the deal around the holidays:

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Pops has a new idea to make sure that the Johnson kids aren't getting too spoiled: Everyone gets one gift this Christmas. Zoey, Junior, Jack and Diane are very much not on board. And they're not too happy about Jack's clarifications either:

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Dre's kids don't like Dre and Bow's new "One-Gift Christmas" idea, and Dre's corworkers aren't fans either. Unless, as Daphne (Wanda Sykes) argues, it's Dre's way of creating panic to increase the value of Stuff, as Stevens did by creating panic regarding the flu and vaccines. (It isn't.) Observe:

They too believe the season is all about Stuff, and Dre's just being cheap.

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As the Johnsons celebrate Christmas Eve with Pops's traditional dinner (of cold fried chicken), no one seems to be enjoying it but Pops. Dre finally pulls the plug and lets the kids go upstairs to Secret Christmas, where they have a tree and a bunch of presents hidden in the closet:

But the kids aren't happy with all the gifts either, leaving Dre a man without a tradition.

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When Dre sits down with Pops to apologize for ruining his traditional dinner, Pops stops him. He tells Dre the only reason he made a big deal of it all those years was that it was all he could afford back in the day. He's proud of Dre for being able to give his kids more than he had. So maybe Christmas isn't just about stuff, or just about traditions, but a combination of the two where you make your own traditions with your family. They can both agree on that.

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