Modern Family Recap: Phil Proves He's a Bad Boy, Gloria and Cam Start a New Business

Modern Family Recap: Phil Proves He's a Bad Boy, Gloria and Cam Start a New Business

Welcome to the Modern Family Recap of Season 7 Episode 6 "The More You Ignore Me" (Original Air Date November 12th 2015).  This week Claire and Phil have their hands full when Luke gets arrested for driving without a license, then they catch Alex sneaking out of a liquor store, but that’s on top of Phil dealing with some personal insecurities. Elsewhere, Cam tries to convince Gloria to recreate and sell her family’s hot sauce while Mitch helps Jay shoot a video to accompany his Titans of Industry award. And Haley and Dylan have an awkward encounter with Andy (Guest Star Adam DeVine) and Beth (Guest Star Laura Ashley Samuels) at the movies.

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Cam Helps Gloria Recover Her Aunt's Recipe
After Cam accidentally ruins the card that contained Gloria's family recipe.  Cam apologizes for his actions and offers to help Gloria recreate the recipe.  Gloria hasn't tried making the recipe since she was a child but familiar sounds from her childhood help her remember each ingredient.


Haley Wants Answers from Andy
Haley asks Andy about the similar themes in the zombie movie and their feelings for one another.  Andy tells Haley how he got over her and how he knows Beth is the one for him.  Is this the end of Haley and Andy?


Phil Proves He's a Bad Boy
After a whole day of questioning his insecurities with Claire, Phil goes full bad boy when finding a stranger in Alex's bedroom.  Phil and Claire find Alex's secret boyfriend, Ruben, hiding in her closet when they return home.  Claire tells him to throw away any security after seeing him take down the unknown man in Alex's room.


Jay Finds Out What Drives Him
Jay spends the whole day trying to finish a video for his "Titans of Industry" banquet.  While helping drive Gloria and Mitchell to start their own businesses, Jay figures out what really drove him to succeed.



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