Grey’s Anatomy Recap Season 12 Episode 9: What Happened to Meredith?

Grey’s Anatomy Recap Season 12 Episode 9: What Happened to Meredith?

Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy returns with Episode 9, which picks up right where the Winter Finale left off. If you're not caught up, here's your chance to read previous Grey's Anatomy recaps! If you're up-to-date but haven't seen the return episode, watch the Grey's Anatomy midseason premiere Season 12 Episode 9, "The Sound of Silence," (original airdate February 11, 2016) now!

The Winter Finale, "Things We Lost in the Fire," was a busy day that began early, with the arrival of a wave of injured firefighters, which kept the doctors on their toes. The ongoing tension between Owen and Riggs remained the hot topic with the hospital staff, but by the end of the episode, Meredith had learned of a familial link between the two men. Mer's relationship with Amelia seemed irreparably damaged after she refused to fill Amelia in on what she learned about Owen and Riggs. Meanwhile, the rest of the doctors' personal lives were also left in limbo.

"The Sound of Silence" opens on Meredith teaching a class – and there's a noticeable scar on her throat. She's talking about the power of silence and how it applies in different scenarios. Then the episode jumps back to Meredith, Maggie, and Alex as they're carpooling to work, stuck in a traffic jam that turns out to be the result of a terrible accident. The three doctors decide to abandon their car and rush to provide medical assistance to the victims.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctors immediately get to work treating the injured. Meredith, Penny and Ben are working to stabilize a patient and Mer orders Ben to get a neurosurgeon to assist. Ben asks Amelia, but she chooses to help Owen instead. In the meantime, Meredith is left alone with the patient, who's unconscious and seems perfectly harmless, but the situation changes in the blink of an eye. Meredith's back is turned, and she doesn't notice as the patient slowly gets up. Suddenly, he becomes violent, and begins a vicious assault that leaves Meredith battered and barely conscious on the floor – all the more upsetting because many of her fellow doctors are in the next room consulting on a case, completely unaware of what's happening.

Meredith Is Attacked

Sneak Peek: The Doctors Fight to Save Meredith|Preview Episode 9: Dr. Grey's life is in their hands.|Grey's fellow doctors rush into action when they find her battered body on the floor after she was brutally attacked by a patient. The doctors, some of her closest friends and family, are fighting to save her life after the violent attack. Can Grey Sloan Memorial's top doctors save Meredith? Watch this sneak peek from Season 12, Episode 9, "The Sound of Silence" and don't miss Grey's Anatomy THURSDAYS 8|7c on ABC.


When Penny finds Meredith and sounds the alarm, the doctors of Grey Sloan rush into action. They're now in a race to save Meredith's life, in the face of devastating injuries. As Webber, April, Ben, Callie, Owen, Maggie, Jackson and Alex hover over her, Meredith can sense the seriousness of her situation, but she's unable to communicate. They make the alarming discovery that she's lost her hearing as a result of the beating she endured.

When Amelia finally arrives, she's met with the sight of Meredith bloody and bruised. Shocked and unable to handle what she's seeing, Amelia freezes and can do nothing to help. 

As she's wheeled down the hall to get X-rays, the silence that surrounds Meredith is deafening. Afterwards, Meredith, unable to hear, or speak, because her jaw is wired shut, relies on her other senses to interpret the doctors' reactions as they examine the X-rays. Meredith demands to see her X-rays, but what she sees leaves her inconsolable.

Alex visits and attempts to cheer her up. An offhand joke elicits a laugh from Meredith, and he realizes she heard him! The long period of silence is over. Finally there's some good news for our favorite doctor.

Meredith's Hearing Is Back

Meredith's Hearing Is Back!|While comforting Meredith, Alex realizes her hearing has returned.|Alex stops by to comfort Meredith, who's devastated after viewing the X-rays of her injuries. When he makes a joke and Meredith starts to laugh, Alex realizes her hearing is back! They're both overjoyed to finally have some good news. Watch this scene from Episode 9, "The Sound of Silence," and don't miss Grey's Anatomy THURSDAYS 8|7c on ABC.


Later, the team informs Meredith that the man who attacked her underwent surgery and was discharged. He's asked to see her so he can apologize, but Meredith refuses.

Arizona helps prep Meredith for a visit with her children, but they're terrified when they see her and they leave. Meredith is so upset she has a panic attack, and Penny steps up to help, removing the wires holding Mer's jaw shut too early. Jackson is furious at Penny for overstepping.

Meredith remains bedridden, miserable, and unable to speak, since she was advised to rest her vocal chords. Amelia finally comes to visit her, and offers an apology for her behavior. She confesses it's been difficult to stay sober and expresses how fearful she was at the possibility of losing her sister. Meredith is reluctant to forgive, and Amelia leaves with things still unresolved.

Webber decides to take Meredith out for some fresh air, and gives her a talk about the power of forgiveness. He encourages her to forgive Amelia, Penny, Derek, and — most importantly — herself. 

Webber Encourages Meredith to Forgive

Webber Encourages Meredith to Forgive|Webber advises Meredith about the healing power of forgiveness.|Webber takes Meredith out of some much-needed fresh air, and to talk. He counsels her to forgive so that she can start healing. Webber encourages her to forgive Amelia, for being the wrong Shepherd, Penny, for her connection to Derek's death, Derek, for dying too soon, and most importantly, to forgive herself for hating Derek for dying too soon. Watch this scene from Episode 9, "The Sound of Silence," and don't miss Grey's Anatomy THURSDAYS 8|7c on ABC.


Meredith takes Webber's advice to heart, and agrees to meet the patient who attacked her. Bailey escorts Meredith to meet him. He's surrounded by his family when she arrives, and introduces his wife and two daughters and then offers a sincere apology for what happened. Meredith, who still can’t speak, takes his hand as a way of conveying her forgiveness. 

Meredith Forgives Her Attacker

Meredith Forgives Her Attacker|Meredith finds the courage to face the man who attacked her.|After listening to Dr. Webber's advice about forgiveness, Meredith finds the courage to face the man who attacked her. He introduces her to his family, and then offers a heartfelt and emotional apology. Meredith, still unable to speak as a result of her injuries, offers her hand to him as a symbol of forgiveness. Watch this scene from Episode 9, "The Sound of Silence," and don't miss Grey's Anatomy THURSDAYS 8|7c on ABC.


Amelia returns to try make amends by giving Meredith the chip she earned by staying sober for 30 days. Meredith acknowledges Amelia's achievement, but makes it clear that she needs more time. There are still unresolved issues between them, including the possibility that if Amelia had responded to Meredith’s initial request for a consult, the attack may never have happened.

Amelia Tries to Make Amends with Meredith

Amelia Tries to Make Amends with Meredith|Amelia wants to make things right.|Amelia brings her 30-day sobriety chip to the hospital to show Meredith. Mer is happy for Amelia, but confesses she's not ready to forgive her yet. Amelia admits she's not sure she's ready either. Will they ever get back to being sisters? Watch this scene from Episode 9, "The Sound of Silence," and don't miss Grey's Anatomy THURSDAYS 8|7c on ABC.


Alex is at the house to help her get settled. Meredith thanks him for always being there for her but points out that Jo loves him and needs his attention more than she does. Mer tells him not to worry about her, so Alex goes home to Jo. Meredith, having found some peace, happily reunites with her kids.

Meredith Pushes Alex to Reunite with Jo

Meredith Tells Alex to Be with Jo|Meredith realized you can have more than one person.|Meredith tells Alex that she's learned a lot during the six weeks she spent recovering in the hospital, unable to speak. She lets him know she appreciates how much he's been there for her lately, but that Jo loves him, and he needs to focus on his relationship with her. Meredith tells Alex he doesn't have to worry about her anymore, because she's realized that you can have more than just one person, and after the attack she knows she has a whole village of people. Watch this scene from Episode 9, "The Sound of Silence," and don't miss Grey's Anatomy THURSDAYS 8|7c on ABC.


Meanwhile, Jackson serves April with divorce papers, but she stubbornly rejects them, and Maggie summons the courage to publicly announce her relationship with DeLuca, which surprisingly leaves him slightly embarrassed. 

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