The Bachelor 2020 Episode 8 Recap: Peter's Ex Warns Him About Victoria F.

The Bachelor 2020 Episode 8 Recap: Peter's Ex Warns Him About Victoria F.

Every time you get to feeling like you've seen it all and nothing The Bachelor can throw at you will leave you shocked, you're pretty much guaranteed to spend the next five minutes picking your jaw up off the floor. This week on The Bachelor 2020, as Bachelor Peter Weber visited the hometowns of his final four bachelorettes—Hannah Ann in Knoxville, TN; Kelsey in Des Moines, IA; Madison in Auburn, AL; and Victoria F. in Virginia Beach, VA.—and had some wild accusations derail one hometown date so completely that Peter didn't even meet the bachelorette's family. As always, there are copious Bachelor spoilers below, but you can watch the full episode of The Bachelor season 24, episode 8 right here on or in the ABC app—or read on to see whose relationship with Peter moved forward, and whose relationship careened into a brick wall. 

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Hannah Ann's Hometown Date

All things considered, this date went relatively smoothly. Hannah Ann began the date by telling Peter that her father, Rick, works in forestry, so a good way to impress him is to make sure she makes a man out of Peter. So she takes him to an axe-throwing house, because if there's one thing that will impress a man who fells giant trees for a living, surely it's a guy in a strip mall throwing a hatchet at a wall. 

Peter brought Hannah Ann a letter detailing all the things he loves about her, mirroring her list of reasons she's falling in love with him that she gave him last week. Hannah Ann's family seems to like Peter, save for her father who's a bit nonplussed about the whole thing:

Hannah Ann's mom, Jennifer, just wants her to be happy, but she knows her husband is not gonna be on board until Peter is 100% sure—a guarantee that's tough to come by with three other hometown dates on the docket for this week. Rick tells Peter, point-blank, don't say the word "love" to Hannah Ann unless you really mean it and you're all in 100%. Peter immediately turns around and says exactly that to Hannah Ann to end the date, so for Peter's sake, given that Rick presumably owns many, many tools designed to cut one thing off of another, we hope he means it. 

Kelsey's Hometown Date

Another relatively smooth visit here. Peter and Kelsey have bonded over wine during their travels (which is amusing given Champagnegate), so they kick off the date by crushing grapes and making their own red wine blend. Then, Kelsey lays out her intentions with Peter with no equivocation to show him she's in this all the way:

Kelsey tells Bachelor Peter Weber that she loves him

Kelsey's family, obviously, is primarily worried that Kelsey is going to get her heart broken. Kelsey confides in her stepdad, Mike, telling him a broken heart is her greatest fear given how thoroughly she's fallen for Peter—separately, she tells her sisters that if Peter proposes, she's going to say yes. Kelsey's mother, Beth, warns Peter not to break Kelsey's heart. Also, Kelsey's favorite food in the world is a crab rangoon, which Peter had never tried. Now he has. The Bachelor: It's about love, and expanding horizons.

Madison's Hometown Date

Peter and Madison meet at Auburn Arena to hoop it up a little under the tutelage of Auburn University's men's basketball head coach Bruce Pearl. (Spoiler alert: The four-time high school state basketball champ is a better baller than Peter.) And then Auburn alum Charles Barkley showed up on the jumbotron to tell Peter that he better not break Madison's heart. Then they're off the to the Prewett house for dinner. 

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And this kicks off the little side plot that may or may not impact Peter's relationship with Madison: Madison is saving herself for marriage. Madison's mother, Tonya, asks Madi if she's told Peter yet, and she has not. Meanwhile, Peter tells Madison's dad, Chad, that he's falling in love with Madison, so Chad asks Peter if he really knows for sure that Madison is "the one." Peter can't give him an answer on that, which is clearly uncomfortable for both of them. 

Will Madison's virginity matter to Peter? That remains to be seen.

Victoria F.'s Hometown Date

If you've been paying attention, you'll notice that none of the previous three dates ended in disaster, so we'd like to offer you a warm welcome to the trainwreck portion of our show!

Victoria's Hometown Date starts off innocent enough, as the pair enjoys a redo of their live country music date, featuring Hunter Hayes, who is NOT one of Victoria's exes, making it a little easier for everyone to have a good time. But as they're leaving the show, one of Peter's exes shows up. It turns out she knows Victoria. And she has a few things to say:

Peter's ex warns him about Victoria F. in Virginia Beach, VA

Victoria, meanwhile, is off telling us how grateful she is to have had such a smooth, fun date with no drama, and she feels like she's falling for Peter. And then Peter arrives, and tells her about the conversation he had today:

Peter confronts Victoria F. over relationship rumors

Victoria, as you just saw, runs off into the night. (It remains unknown whether or not she jumped any fences out there.) She eventually returns, and says she was planning to tell him she was in love with him—but now it's all ruined. How are they supposed to just go meet her family now, after all this?

The answer is: They don't. Peter says goodbye, then drives away in the Black SUV of Bachelor Doom. Victoria's family comes out and finds Victoria crying in the street. They comfort her.

Peter is as "confused as ever."

The Rose Ceremony: Who Went Home on Episode 8 of The Bachelor 2020?

The next day, Peter and Victoria talk, mending fences a little. Peter says he's not ready to give up on this just yet, but worries that they may not have what it takes to make this work. He'll have to make the call pretty soon, because it's time for the Rose Ceremony.

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There, Peter remains true to his word, and gives Victoria the final rose, sending Kelsey home. She's shocked and heartbroken, just like she feared.

Peter and his final three bachelorettes are headed to Australia for the next chapter of their journey, and here's your first look at what to expect (hint: It's drama!): 

A sneak peek of Week 9 of The Bachelor 2020

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