Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Meredith Mourns Derek's Death and Has a Baby

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Meredith Mourns Derek's Death and Has a Baby

Derek is dead.” Meredith utters these heartbreaking words to her friends upon her return to Grey Sloan. Jumping many months forward, Zola wants to know if Santa will bring her a baby sister. She has good reason to ask. Meredith Grey is very, very pregnant. For a recap, highlights and spoilers for the Season 11 “She’s Leaving Home” episode of Grey’s Anatomy, check out the below Grey Chatter.

Sudden Departure: As flashbacks show the day Ellis Grey took her daughter out of the house in the middle of the night, Meredith does the exact same thing with her children. Her friends are understandably confused by the note she left proclaiming that she and the kids are safe. Richard lets everyone know that Ellis Grey left Seattle and never looked back. This provides no comfort to Meredith’s friends. We soon see why she left. 

She’s Having a Baby: Meredith experiences some intense pain. Then there’s blood. Zola calls 911, much like Meredith did for her mother as a young girl. Memories of Ellis and Derek flash. Meredith is brought in for surgery. She has her baby. The nurse declares that her husband is here. Sadly, that’s not true.

Memories of Ellis and Derek: While on the beach with her kids, Meredith recalls some conversations she had with her mother. Memories of Derek also pop up. Some are recent. Some are from those early days when they first met. There’s the time Derek told her he wanted to marry her. He wanted a lifetime with her. There was the time Meredith told him they could be extraordinary together.

Fireworks and Magic Legs: Maggie lets Alex know that she feels abandoned as they watch fireworks. One gets the sense that he feels the same way. In other news, Callie’s onetime boring date/new funny patient, Dan, tests his mechanical leg with great success. It has Callie tearfully remembering Derek

Handling the Dead Derek Thing: Owen breaks the news that Derek is dead to Amelia, who rejects any attempts to be comforted. She knows the drill. She’s been through this before. She makes jokes about the situation over many months. Owen knows why. He’s there to comfort her when she finally breaks down.

Isn’t it Romantic?: Richard enters the hospital reception area which is filled with romantic décor. There’s even a small group of violinists by the stairs. Catherine has done exactly what Richard wanted to do for her. She asks a question unsure of what the answer will be. She declares that she loves him and that she wants to marry him. How will he respond?

Missing in Action: Owen reveals that Richard will be taking over as interim chief. He’s going into the battlefield to do field surgery for three months. Jackson isn’t thrilled that his wife is going with him. April extends her tour of duty. A Christmas call to Jackson cuts off as insurgents approach. April eventually returns home, but there were some difficult times before that as Jackson details to Arizona

Ditching Idris Elba: Bailey lets her husband know that she doesn’t want to be hooked up to any machines should anything happen to her. Ben feels the opposite. This leaves Bailey in a bit of a pickle if she should happen to meet Idris Elba while Ben is on life support. It could happen. Ben ultimately concedes to his wife’s wishes. Bailey doesn’t take it well

Begin Again: Meredith returns home. She returns to work where she recalls memories of her mother and her husband once again. Then Dr. Meredith Grey puts on a gown and gloves, steps into the OR and does what she’s done so many times before—only this time she protects her head with something close to her heart.

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