Grey’s Anatomy Recap Season 12 Episode 11: Are April and Jackson Officially Over?

Grey’s Anatomy Recap Season 12 Episode 11: Are April and Jackson Officially Over?

The Grey's Anatomy Season 12 episode "Unbreak My Heart" is all about April and Jackson. The episode is one long look back at their whole relationship, and how they got to where they are now: signing divorce papers. Before April finally signs, she asks Jackson if he's sure this is what he wants. Jackson is silent, but as she signs and leaves, he has tears in his eyes. April is heartbroken that their marriage failed, but that morning she got some bombshell news that might just change everything: she's pregnant! Could a baby fix April and Jackson? Keep reading for highlights from Season 12, Episode 11, "Unbreak My Heart."

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Jackson has pushed forward with the divorce, despite April's protests and desire to work things out. Watch their whole relationship from start to finish to see how it all began, and how it ended. 

April and Jackson: The Journey


April is wedding dress shopping just hours after Jackson stopped her wedding to Matthew in Season 10, Episode 12, "Get Up, Stand Up." They're planning to get married the very next day, but disagree when Jackson arranges for a Justice of the Peace to marry them. Jackson reminds April he's not religious, and says he wants a wedding without a lot of "God talk," but April says she wants God at her wedding. He warns her that after they get married he's not suddenly going to become religious. April says she doesn't want him to change who he is, but he can't expect her to change who she is either. Jackson agrees to find an ordained minister to perform the ceremony, and April is proud of how well they compromised, but the disagreement is an early sign of how fundamentally different these two are.

Rewind: April and Jackson Plan Their Wedding


April and Jackson can't contain their joy after they find out April is pregnant, and start dancing it out in the break room. Arizona, Meredith, Webber, Callie, and Alex slowly trickle in and join the party, unaware of what they're celebrating until Callie spills the beans. 

Rewind: April's Pregnancy Dance Party


Back in the recent past, Jackson seems to finally get through to April when he, in the middle of a heated argument, says, "Divorce is not some dirty word, April, not for me. In fact, right now it's a light at the end of a really dark tunnel." April is so shocked and hurt, she's unable to express her feelings. Instead, she starts pelting Jackson with fortune cookies in a fit of anger. She asks Jackson how they got to this point, and how to make it stop. He doesn't have an answer, but caught up in the emotional moment, they start making out. 

Jackson's Light at the End of the Tunnel


In the present, Arizona arrives to comfort April, who's just signed her divorce papers, armed with lots of alcohol. But to her surprise, April declines a drink. She doesn't seem very upset either. Arizona asks her what's going on, and, still in shock, April reveals she found out that morning she's pregnant. Could a new baby fix her broken relationship with Jackson?

April's Pregnancy Bombshell


If you're devastated that April and Jackson actually went through with the divorce, go back to a better time and watch the memorable moment when Jackson stops April's wedding to tell her loves her. "I love you. I always have. I love everything about you - even the things I don't like, I love," he says. What woman wouldn't leave her fiancé at the altar to run off with Jackson after that speech?

Classic Jackson & April Moment: Jackson Stops April's Wedding


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