Grey’s Anatomy Recap Season 12 Episode 10: Meredith Goes to Therapy

Grey’s Anatomy Recap Season 12 Episode 10: Meredith Goes to Therapy

In the Grey's Anatomy Season 12 episode "All I Want Is You," Meredith and the rest of the hospital staff are still dealing with the aftermath of the brutal attack Meredith suffered at the hands of a patient in Episode 9, "The Sound of Silence." Life has not completely returned to normal, but some things haven't changed: Owen and Riggs are still at each other's throats. They're arguing bitterly over who will treat a patient that's just been unloaded from an ambulance when suddenly, as everyone is heading back inside, the ambulance explodes into a ball of fire.

Meanwhile, Meredith has started therapy, mandated by Dr. Bailey. Mer spends a lot of time telling her therapist about all the people in her life. Since the attack, Maggie has been keeping the house of people so Meredith won't be alone. However, Meredith just wants everyone to leave! The therapist tells her to let them know she needs her space, so the next time Maggie invites Alex, Bailey, and Callie to hang around the house, Meredith kicks them all out.    

Meredith Kicks Everyone Out


Amelia is also working on getting better. Now that she's sober, she and Owen make plans for dinner. But when Owen asks to reschedule their date, Amelia takes it the wrong way and gets upset. Owen realizes he needs to open up to Amelia, or he could lose her. He reveals that he had a younger sister, Megan, who he was very close with. They were in medical school together when they met Riggs, who became Owen's best friend. Megan fell in love with Riggs, and Owen considered him a brother. But after Megan died, Owen blamed Riggs for not saving her, and blamed himself for trusting Riggs to take care of her. Amelia tells Owen that because Megan loved Riggs for a reason, like Derek loved Meredith for a reason, and that makes them family. "...And that means that maybe he deserves another chance," she says.  

Owen Tells Amelia About His Sister


Things between Jo and Alex are still... weird. Alex moved back into the loft after Meredith sent him back to Jo, but they're not together. Jo even lets Alex know she's going to have some friends over, and he's not invited! Alex is hurt and surprised. And later, Ben is surprised when he realizes he's the only guy invited to Jo's get-together, the primary purpose of which is to commiserate about men! Jo complains about Alex and Stephanie laments her lack of love life, and then they both put Ben on the spot and demand to know what men want. Fortunately for Ben, he gets a text from Bailey telling him to come home. "Look, I can't speak for all men - I'm just a guy who wants to go home to his wife," Ben says as he makes his escape.  

Girls' Night... Plus Ben


After spending time discussing everyone else, Mer's therapist manages to steer the conversation back to her. He points out that even though she's been through a lot, having lost so many people, she shouldn't be ok after the attack. She tells him that, as a widow, she's gotten good at being alone. But he points out that she's not married any more, and she's not really a widow anymore, considering her life is full of people who care about her. Then he asks the tough question: so what is she? Meredith thinks for awhile, before admitting she doesn't know.

Who Is Meredith Grey?


So what does Meredith do next? Her therapist tells her it's scary, but now she can do whatever she wants! 

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