Grey's Anatomy Recap: Callie and Arizona Battle It Out

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Callie and Arizona Battle It Out

In the Grey's Anatomy Season 12 episode "Trigger Happy," the issue of gun violence the central topic of discussion at Grey Sloan Memorial when an 8-year-old boy is rushed to the ER with a gunshot wound. The doctors must work frantically to save the boy, who was accidentally shot when he and a friend found his mother's gun and started playing with it. The tragedy has a powerful effect on everyone, and leads some of the doctors to make surprising confessions. Meanwhile, Callie's decision to move to New York to follow girlfriend Penny, and take Sofia, without consulting Arizona, spurs Robbins to take steps to protect her parental rights. Keep reading this Grey's Anatomy recap for highlights from Season 12, Episode 20, "Trigger Happy."

Don't Mess with Texas Arizona

Callie approaches Arizona to apologize for her hasty decision to move Sofia across the country without discussing it, but it's a little too late. Arizona already received a call from a school in New York about Sofia's application. She informs Callie that they are no longer discussing the matter, and hands Callie her lawyer's business card. "You started this," she says coolly, when Callie chides her for hiring an attorney.

Jo Gives Up Her Gun

While operating on the 8-year-old shooting victim, the surgeons start discussing the issue of gun violence. Alex is shocked and upset when Jo reveals she has a gun, which she's been keeping in a box under their bed. But the tragedy spurs Jo to reexamine her reasons for owning the gun. When Alex gets home, Jo explains that as a teenager living in her car, the gun made her feel safe. But she realizes that she's outgrown it, and doesn't need or want it anymore.

Owen's Secret Guilt

Owen is impressed by the compassion Amelia displays when she consoles Peter, a young boy who was blaming himself for his friend's accidental shooting. Owen is moved to confess the secret that's been eating away at him: he is the one who convinced his sister Megan to get on the helicopter that crashed, after she called to tell him Nathan was cheating on her. Owen's been taking his anger out on Riggs, but deep down, he blames himself for Megan's death. Amelia wraps her arms around Owen, and reassures him it wasn't his fault.

How Does Meredith Live Like This?

Since witnessing the tragedy that struck when two 8-year-old boys got hold of a gun, Maggie has been struggling to keep her composure. As she and Meredith head home that night, she finally breaks down and admits that the day's events hit her so hard because of her nieces and nephew. "I love them like, if something happened to them, I would die. My heart is so wide open, and they're so fragile," she says tearfully, and asks Mer how she lives with it. Meredith, who's been through a lot, explains: "Sometimes you just have to push through it, push the awful aside, just get through the day."

Edwards Finally Gets Some Action!

Guest star Wilmer Valderrama is back as musician Kyle Diaz, a patient with multiple sclerosis who immediately started flirting with Stephanie. While she resisted his advances at first, the pair started up a flirty text exchange. When she gets cold feet and considers cancelling their first date, Meredith Grey, of all people, pushes Edwards to go. Kyle keeps his promise to take Stephanie somewhere special. Instead of out for drinks, he brings her to a place that's very important to him, a recording studio where every major Seattle musician has recorded... and now, where he's recording. He explains why it's so special to him, and Stephanie gets it; she feels the same way when she's in an operating room. They definitely have a connection, and it's not long before Stephanie puts the moves on Kyle.

Ben's in the Doghouse

Desperate to find something to do while on a six-month suspension from the surgical residency program, Ben decides to go back to working as an anesthesiologist... at the hospital he was suspended from. He visits Miranda's office to tell her, and as his boss, and the one who imposed the suspension, she says no. But when Ben makes it clear he doesn't need her permission, Bailey informs her husband that if he goes ahead with his plan, he better find somewhere else to sleep.

Is Arizona doing the right thing? Is Ben completely out of line? Share you reactions to the events of this episode in the comments below, and tune in THURSDAY, APRIL 28 8|7c to see Episode 21, "You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side," on ABC and don't miss the Season 12 Finale episode, airing THURSDAY, MAY 19 8|7c!

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