Grey's Anatomy Recap: Bailey Decides Ben's Fate; Jackson and April Feel Their Baby Kick

Welcome to the official Grey's Anatomy recap for the Season 12 episode "It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)." In the second part of this week's 2-hour event, Bailey decided the professional fate of her husband Ben. Plus, April and Jackson finally found something they could agree on, Meredith shared some big news about Riggs with both Amelia and Maggie, and Callie made a huge decision that shocked Penny and Arizona. Keep reading this Grey's Anatomy recap for highlights from Season 12, Episode 19, "It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)."

Will Japril Showers Bring May Flowers?: Things are tense between Jackson and April after she serves him with a restraining order, but the situation takes a scary turn when April fears something is wrong with their unborn baby. Arizona assures her nothing is wrong. If fact, what she’s feeling is her baby kicking, something she never experienced with her son who passed away. By the end of the episode, Jackson finds April to talk things out. They share a sweet moment -- and Jackson feels their child kick for the first time!

The Ex Factor: After Arizona walks in on things heating up between Penny and Callie in the hospital storage closet, she has a chat with her ex-wife. Arizona reminds Callie that her relationship doesn't have to be over just because Penny is moving to New York. Long-distance relationships aren't impossible. Unfortunately, Arizona's message seems to get lost in translation. Keep reading to see what we mean.

Callie's Big Move(s): Penny is thrilled when Callie tells her she loves her, but the joy is short-lived. She's moving to New York and will soon face life without Callie. As Penny puts it, it just really sucks. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By the end of the episode, Callie excitedly tells Arizona she's moving across the country to be with Penny -- and Arizona is meeting with a lawyer.

The Doctor Is Out: After two patients die at the hands of her husband, Dr. Miranda Bailey is forced to make some tough decisions. She puts together a committee consisting of Meredith, Maggie and Owen to decide what really happened on that tragic day. After all is said and done, Bailey decides that Ben will be suspended for six months. He doesn't take the news well at all. And it only gets worse when Bailey tells him it was special treatment and if he had been anyone else, she would have fired him.

Liar, Liar?: After Meredith tells Maggie and Amelia what she knows about Riggs and Owen's sister, Maggie confronts Riggs. He's a good guy and a great surgeon. Why would he lie? Riggs states that he didn't lie to Meredith. Everything he told her was true: there was a patient, there was a helicopter. He just left some parts out, namely the part where they fought and the fact that he cheated. He made a mistake and he's paid for it ever since.

Did Bailey make the right choice? Share you reactions to the events of this episode in the comments below, and tune in THURSDAY, APRIL 21 8|7c to see Episode 20, "Trigger Happy," on ABC and don't miss the Season 12 Finale episode, airing THURSDAY, MAY 19 8|7c!

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