Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Time Stops

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Time Stops

Jackson is in the middle of hearing how April has changed since her time in combat from his bride-to-be mom when news comes in of a tragedy. Ambulances roll into the hospital with no survivors inside. There was a tunnel collapse. Nearly 20 vehicles were trapped under rubble. For a recap, highlights and spoilers of the Season 11, Episode 23 “Time Stops” entry of Grey’s Anatomy, please check out all the Grey Chatter below!

The Speech: Owen declares that he’s been Chief long enough. It’s time to do something else. Richard will be recommending Bailey for the job. In other news, a fresh batch of surgical residents enters the hospital. The veteran docs mock all the newbies as Richard gives them “the speech."

Never Got to Say Goodbye: A pregnant woman, Joan, is transported to the hospital. Her fiancé, Keith, is still trapped in the car. Meredith, Maggie, Amelia and April head out to the tunnel site. Keith is in the center of the chaos. His crushed car rests upside down with him still inside. The call that this is a hopeless case later leads to Amelia unleashing some pent-up feelings she has for Meredith regarding Derek’s death.

Chances and Changes: Seventeen-year-old Scott is in bad shape after being crushed in the collapse. Owen wants to “stop time” by basically putting him a state of suspended animation to help repair his body. Jackson is against this “Hail Mary” procedure. His mother backs him. Richard back Owen, who later has a heart-to-heart with Jackson.

No Place Like Home: Meredith is considering selling her house. Even though she came back, she doesn’t feel like she’s home. She asks Alex if she and the kids can move in to his place for a spell. Of course, the answer is yes. No need to check with Jo. Alex is still feeling the aftershocks of the blowup they had about possibly doing work in combat.

Mission: Possible: Once the baby comes, a tearful Joan is devastated because Keith isn’t there. Elsewhere, Meredith, Amelia and Maggie are shocked to see a flatbed truck pull up outside the hospital. It’s carrying the car that has Keith pinned inside. They all said the guy would have a chance if he were closer to the hospital. So April brought him closer to the hospital.


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