The Bachelor 2020 Season Finale, Part 2 Recap: Peter's Broken Engagement and Family Friction

The Bachelor 2020 Season Finale, Part 2 Recap: Peter's Broken Engagement and Family Friction

The Bachelor 2020 has been anything but predictable, so why would the season finale be any different? Last night, Bachelor Peter Weber had his heart broken when Madison left Australia after breaking up with Peter. Hannah Ann is still there, and Peter has said he's in love with her. What happens next is something no one expected—not Peter, nor Hannah Ann, and not Peter's vocal family. Oh, and by the way, Madison isn't done. And when she returns, things get tougher than ever for our fair Bachelor. As always, there are copious Bachelor spoilers below, but read on to see the ending of The Bachelor 2020 with Peter Weber!

Have I Got a Proposal for You!

Madison is gone, and that threw Peter way off his game. But in the bright light and fresh air of morning, Peter's woken up invigorated, and ready for the next step: a proposal. 

He's so sure that he calls Hannah Ann's dad to ask for his blessing (which he secures), and then calls on Neil Lane, the patron saint of Bachelor Nation, to pick out a ring. This is happening!

Hannah Ann, of course, doesn't know that, and is still reeling from the night before, when Peter said his heart is being pulled in two directions. She says that was "a knife in the heart." She says she's been consistent in her love for Peter, but not getting it reciprocated has been brutal. How brutal? Well, this brutal:

WATCH: Chris Harrison tells Peter that Hannah Ann might not be coming

Have I Got a Proposal for You?

Much to Peter's (and Barbara's) relief, Hannah Ann decides to show. She still doesn't doubt her love for him, but she DOES doubt Peter's love for her. Which, understandably, is not the most comfortable place to be if you're about to accept a marriage proposal. But she walks out to find Peter, and then Peter does the thing that is ostensibly the core concept of the show:

WATCH: Bachelor Peter Weber proposes to Hannah Ann

Peter and Hannah Ann: Trouble in Paradise

Peter and Hannah Ann are engaged! But—and boy, that's gotta be Top 10 on the list of Pretty Terrible Sentences to Be Followed by a "But"—Peter says he still can't shake Madison. Hannah Ann says she knows it's hard, and has been hard, and will be hard, but she wants this and wants Peter. But she knows he's been struggling. She needs this to be 50-50. She's putting in the work and the effort, and she doesn't feel like Peter has been doing the same.

Peter decides he can't get there. He can't give Hannah Ann what she needs. He breaks off the engagement.

And that's when things start to get painful. 

Hannah Ann hasn't been too shy to speak her mind this season, but nothing compares to this barn burner of a speech that is definitely going to rank on the all-time list of Bachelor Nation moments:

WATCH: Hannah Ann says Peter betrayed her

The Aftermath of the Breakup

Hannah Ann joined Peter in the studio, and the fire had not left her words. Peter says he really did feel it when he proposed, but that he's been conflicted since then. Hannah Ann says Peter always said the right thing to keep her with him—including downplaying his heartbreak over Madison. She assumed he wasn't getting over anything, and that he wanted her. And then she takes it a step further:

WATCH: Hannah Ann says Peter needs to become a real man

Madison Isn't Done—Will They Get a Second Chance?

So what's next? Chris Harrison shows footage of a surprise visit he made to Alabama to visit Madison. She says she regrets her decision because she still loves Peter. Chris tells Madison Peter broke off his engagement because of his feelings with her. So she heads to Los Angeles to see if they've got a second chance at love.

Madison says she's still very much in love with Peter. He says he messed up repeatedly, but he's definitely still in love with her too. They're ready to give it another shot!

You know who's probably not super on board with that? Peter's mother, Barbara:

WATCH: Barbara Weber defends her feelings on Madison

Madison says she can't change the past, but that she wants to move forward. Peter agrees. Barbara, however, straight up says that this relationship won't work out:

WATCH: Peter's parents don't think his relationship with Madison will work out

There are a lot of obstacles ahead for Peter and Madison, but this? This has to be the biggest one. 

And that's where we leave the story of Bachelor Peter Weber and Madison. A lot of question marks, but we'll see how it goes. They say they love each other, and that's a good start. 

But of course, there's a lot more Bachelor coming your way. In just a few short weeks we'll bring you the premiere of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart on MONDAY APR 13 8|7c. Thanks for watching, Bachelor Nation, and we'll see you in April!

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