Grey’s Anatomy Recap: What Is Owen's Problem with Dr. Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson)?

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: What Is Owen's Problem with Dr. Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson)?

For highlights from the Season 12 episode "Something Against You," here's your Grey's Anatomy recap. On last week's episode, "The Me Nobody Knows," Meredith tries to do the right thing when Penny Blake is assigned to her service, but her patience wears thin. Eventually, fed up with Blake's frequent mistakes, she throws Penny off her service, angering both Dr. Webber and Callie. Meanwhile, April brings a colleague from her time in the Middle East, Dr. Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson), and Kamal, a young boy from Jordan with Ollier's disease, to the hospital so Jackson can fix Kamal's hands. Despite Kamal's advanced case, Jackson pulls off a near-impossible surgery, and softens towards April. By the end of the episode, Callie and Penny are back together, and Meredith puts Blake back on her service.

In Episode 7, Mer decides to deal with Blake by keeping her at arms length and giving her easy tasks that won't put anyone's life at risk. Callie is again upset, and confronts Meredith several times. Finally Blake tells Callie to back off, and stands up for herself. Meredith takes what Blake says to heart, and allows her to step in at a vital moment during a skull transplant... angering Wilson, who is very invested in the case and the patient, but is asked to step aside for Penny. Also causing trouble at the hospital is Dr. Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson), who Bailey hires for the cardiology department without consulting Maggie, the Chief of Cardio. Maggie is upset, but not nearly as upset as Owen... Keep reading for more details from the November 12, 2015 episode, Grey's Anatomy Season 12, Episode 7, "Something Against You."

Dr. Riggs Wins Maggie Over

The day gets off to a rocky start when Pierce learns that Dr. Bailey hired a doctor to her department without telling her. That doctor is Nathan Riggs, and his confident attitude rubs Maggie the wrong way, especially after a patient defers to him instead of her. Riggs decides the operating room is the perfect place to change her mind about him. He turns on the charm, and agrees the way he was hired was "messed up," because they should have had "a proper sitdown" first. He explains the interview would have gone well, because she would have been so impressed with his experience and innovative field surgery techniques she would have hired him anyway. Then, he reveals that he's aware of her work and career, and he's at Grey Sloan specifically to work for her: "Look, it may seem like Bailey hired me on a whim, but I don't do anything on a whim. I like to choose the people that I work for."



Penny Stands Up to Dr. Grey

Meredith decides to try again with Blake, and adds her back to her service. But her new method of dealing with seeing Penny every day is to give the third-year resident simple tasks that she can't screw up. Callie is upset to see her girlfriend sidelined repeatedly, and confronts Meredith about it. Finally, Penny steps up. She tells Callie to stay out of it, and then turns to confront Meredith herself: "I'm here to learn. I want to learn, but you have to teach me. Don't go easy on me, don't expect less, treat me like any other resident, treat me worse, I don't care! Hate me, yell at me, I can handle it. I WILL handle it. You told me not to quit, and I didn't! But you are right now, and if you can't do what you are here to do, then please, let me go!" Blake storms off, and Grey looks thoughtful. Later, at a vital moment during a skull transplant, she tells Blake to step in... angering Wilson, who has to step aside.  



Meredith Made a Promise to Cristina: She'll Be Owen's Person If He Needs One

After witnessing Owen's meltdown when Bailey introduces her new hire, Nathan Riggs, to everyone, Meredith is concerned. Owen doesn't want to talk, but Meredith tells him about a promise she made: "I made a promise to Cristina that I wouldn't let you go dark and twisty, that I'd be your person if you needed one." He's not in the mood to discuss how he knows Dr. Riggs, or what happened between them, but Meredith doesn't need to know. "Just tell me, do we hate him?" she asks. Owen pauses, then says softly, "We hate him." "Okay then, we hate him," agrees Meredith.



Amelia Asks Maggie About Racism

Amelia confesses to Maggie that she's afraid she "might have been racist." She's concerned Edwards thinks she's racist because she chose to believe Wilson, someone she barely knows, when Wilson said Edwards was lying about having sickle cell as a child. Amelia is looking for reassurance, but Maggie tells her it's a real issue. She tells Amelia racism is something she deals with all the time, it's not just the minor annoyance that it is right now to Amelia. But she asks if Edwards said she was okay, and Amelia acknowledges she did. "Okay, then don't give her the extra work of having to make you feel good about it," Maggie advises Amelia. She adds, "I'm glad that you feel like you can talk to me about it. But, I don't speak for all black people. I am not the spokeswoman, no one is. And it is kind of annoying to be asked questions like I am."



Meredith Snubs Nathan Riggs

Riggs runs into Meredith in the elevator. He tries to make small talk before asking if she'd like to grab a drink with him. She shuts him down, out of loyalty to Dr. Hunt: "I'm a friend of Owen Hunt's," she says coolly. "So, no."



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