Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Finale Recap: April Gives Birth and Amelia Marries Owen

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Finale Recap: April Gives Birth and Amelia Marries Owen

The Grey's Anatomy Season 12 finale episode "Family Affair," was emotional, and mostly about families and relationships growing stronger. It's the day of Amelia and Owen's wedding, but even though she's the one who proposed, Amelia is feeling unsure that she's doing the right thing. When her mother refuses to attend the wedding, Amelia locks herself in the bathroom, and only Owen can convince her to open the door. Meanwhile, the wedding party loses a key member when Owen's best man, April, goes into labor at Meredith's house, and the only person with her is Ben. Not only is Ben going to have to deliver April and Jackson's baby in Mer's kitchen, he's still on suspension, and in the doghouse with Miranda. Well, the wedding can still go on without the best man, right? As long as the bride shows up... Keep reading this Grey's Anatomy recap for highlights from Season 12, Episode 24, "Family Affair."

What Does Meredith Know About Weddings?

As Amelia's bridesmaid, Meredith is ready to provide whatever support the bride needs to get through the big day. When Amelia wanted to run, they ran. Now that Amelia is almost certain she wants to go back inside the church and marry Owen, Meredith (and Maggie) are there to talk her through it. Knowing Amelia is worried that Meredith thinks Owen should be with Cristina, Meredith points out that she could be wrong. "Who am I to say we only get one great love in our life?" she says, and somewhat helpfully, adds, "Maybe this time is different for you. Maybe this time, you're right!".

Watch: Meredith's Wedding Day Advice for Amelia

No Anesthesia, No Problem!

When April goes into labor at Meredith's house, she decides to have the baby there, rather than risk delivering in Ben's car on the way to the hospital. But there are complications, and April needs a C-section. As Bailey, Jackson, and Arizona assist over the phone, Ben prepares to operate on April without proper medical equipment or anesthesia. With only ice to numb her stomach, April is in unbearable pain as Ben cuts into her. All those on the phone can hear is her screams, and then silence. Jackson tries to find out what's happening, but there's no response.

Watch: April's Terrifying C-Section

Ben Redeems Himself

Despite the harrowing circumstances of April's delivery, she and the baby are alive and healthy, thanks to Ben. In an unlikely parallel to the case that ended with Ben's suspension several months earlier, Ben redeems himself. He had to perform a C-section on April, on Meredith's kitchen table, without proper tools or anesthesia, and, while under tremendous pressure, was miraculously able to save the lives of both mother and daughter. Bailey is overjoyed, and proud of Ben, and she is finally able to let go of his past mistake.

Watch: Meet April & Jackson's Beautiful Baby Girl

Meredith & Riggs Bond Over Lost Loves

Riggs asks Meredith about her wedding to Derek, and she tells him how they wrote their vows on a post-it, and got married at City Hall, because she was afraid of commitment. In turn, Riggs tells Meredith a little bit about Megan and what kind of wedding they would've had, if she hadn't been killed. Meredith and Riggs's connection deepens as they bond over losing the people they loved the most.

Watch: Meredith Tells Riggs About Her Wedding to Derek

IS There Enough Happy to Go Around?

Just when Meredith is feeling good about her new thing with Riggs, and starts to think that maybe there is enough happy for everyone, Maggie jolts her out of the reverie with a confession: She really likes Riggs, and she thinks he likes her too! Well, that conversation is going to be awkward.    

Watch: Meredith Really Likes Riggs... But So Does Maggie!

Two Happy Moms are Better Than One

Arizona is inspired to fix things after witnessing how devastated Callie is about losing custody of Sofia, and breaking up with Penny (Samantha Sloyan). She surprises Callie by bringing Sofia over, and giving Callie two plane tickets to New York. Arizona makes it clear that she is willing to share custody, and let Sofia live in New York part of the time. Callie is stunned. "Listen, we did this wrong," Arizona tells her. "We had a chance to do it right and we missed it... I'm saying, Sofia deserves to have two happy moms. I'm saying, let's all be happy." Overjoyed, Callie gives her a big hug.  

Watch: Arizona Shares Custody with Callie

Jo Spills Her Secrets

Upset about the state of her relationship with Alex because she refused his proposalJo gets so drunk that DeLuca has to bring her home. He tries to get her to go to sleep so he can leave, but Jo needs to confide in someone. She tells DeLuca she can't marry Alex because she's already married... but there's much more to it. Her husband was abusive, and she ran away from him. Jo Wilson isn't even her real name! She's terrified that if she files for divorce, he will be able to find her. Meanwhile, Jo's started stripping off her clothes, but Alex walks in, and gets the completely wrong idea.

Watch: Jo Reveals Her Painful Past

Can you wait til Grey's Anatomy Season 13 to find out what's ahead for Jo and Alex? Share you reactions to everything that happened in the Season 12 finale episode in the comments below, and watch the full season finale episode, "Family Affair," now!

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